UX Designer Case studies

Problem to solve #1

Create an online community for Talawa Make that enables artists to connect with each other, find out about activities and opportunities, and contact agents, casting directors, producers, and other industry professionals.

Problem to solve #2

The OMS website currently lacks a cohesive design system, which is resulting in a disjointed user experience and difficulty for website administrators and editors to create and edit content pages.

Problem to solve #3

ELFT’s main website and microsites were not user-friendly and accessible for their wide audience, including patients, members, job carers, volunteers, and staff. The website was difficult to navigate and did not provide clear and contextual information about services and resources. Additionally, the ELFT team struggled to manage and update the website and microsites due to a lack of a flexible CMS with a custom drag and drop builder.

Problem to solve #4

Optimise the online booking process for left luggage and storage services to reduce interaction cost, improve customer satisfaction, and increase service adoption.

Streamline the booking process and add features to meet the needs and expectations of travellers and provide a convenient and seamless experience.