To complicate is easy. To simplify is difficult.

Alessandro Zulberti

UX Research

As a Senior UX Designer NNg certified in UX Research, my primary focus is on gathering and analysing data to understand the needs and behaviours of users. I have completed specialised training in a range of UX research techniques, including analytics, usability testing, user interviews, and journey mapping.

My expertise allows me to effectively plan and conduct discovery phases in design projects, ensuring that we are solving the right problems and building the best possible solutions for our users. My strong communication skills allow me to present findings and collaborate with cross-functional teams, aligning everyone around a common goal and vision. I am dedicated to using data-driven approaches to inform the design process and deliver the best possible user experiences.

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Among others, I like to use: ContentSquare, Userlytics, Adobe Xd,


As a Senior UX Designer¬†I am responsible for improving the user experience on the company’s website through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research, prototyping, testing, and iteration.

My focus is on creating an omnichannel customer journey that is consistent, optimised for context, seamless, orchestrated, and collaborative. I work to understand the specific needs of our users and anticipate their actions in order to design a customer journey that minimises their effort and maximises their satisfaction.

To achieve this, I use a variety of techniques and approaches, including data-driven orchestration, automating common customer journeys, and designing for large and granular segments. My ultimate goal is to create a high-quality, personalised customer experience that helps to strengthen our users’ relationship with the brand.



Do you have questions or want to discuss potential projects? I am also available to be a guest speaker at UX meetups, conferences, and similar events. Please get in touch.